Hey, I'm Florian

A young student of computer science from Austria

I coding in GO. Currently my favourite topics are system architecture, security and cryptography.


runy - Untrusted code execution as a service Not maintained

afy.io - The simplest artifact repository manager out there. Really. Not maintained

vikebot.com - Competitive coding and gaming combined like never before

mysophie - Stateless static asset versioning for very aggresive cache settings Not maintained

flexlang - Changing the way you think about i18n Abandoned


I've been playing badminton since I was a little kid. After playing actively in national tournaments for several years, I decided to end my serious sport career and started as trainer for the kids and the youth team of our local badminton club. Lot of fun and responsibility

I'm a passionate skiier

I also like to celebrate with my friends at parties

Other links:

Github | CV (LinkedIn) | Instagram

Contact me:

[email protected]